Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Chatty DM is hosting a One Page Dungeon Contest. It seems that this One-Page business has grown astronomically since it was first introduced by Sham’s Grog and Blog, being a throwback to the BECMI and AD&D. I shall refrain from reposting the contest rules here, but those who are interested in entering may view the rules here.

When I first learnt how to play D&D, I was fortunate enough to have a small number of closet nerds at my school that played B.E.C.M.I. and AD&D. I remember them running a few impromptu dungeons from a one page sheet, so for me, this is like coming home.

Now, while I should be working on the FREE adventure, Temple, Dweller, et. al. I find myself immersing myself in a one page dungeon instead.What you see here is the genus of my map. It doesn’t give a lot away, but that is the point. As you can see, I am going for the ‘old school’ look by using some old school modules as inspiration for this one. Like I said, this map is in its infancy, it will blow your mind when I've finished! Once I have submitted it, I shall post it here for people to see and for GMs/DMs/Castle Keepers to nab.

Astute people will also recognise CorelDRAW as my publishing program of choice: This is where I do the bulk of my map and module creation. I have spent some time improving the original by making the graph paper modular; allowing the user to fill the squares therein with an appropriate color. Angled walls and caverns are just a poly-line, joined and filled to stay in line with the walls.

The end result looks rather sexy. The best part is that Adventure, Dungeons and Danger game modules will not suffer from pixilation. I mentioned that before, but it is worth saying again. You can see how it looks as a PDF here.

Think of this entry as an example of what you can expect from Sagawork Studios and Adventure Dungeons & Danger.

PS: Dweller? More on that soon. Slow and steady wins the race :)

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